There are 12 Ancient Tomes in total, all found in cities with either a gym or a sigil hall.

Handing all 12 Ancient Tomes in to the man in Ladoga Town will get you the Continent Rope which is used on Route 320 to catch Regigigas.

Ancient Tome LocationsEdit

The Ancient Tomes can be found in the following order as your progress on your adventure.

City / Town Location
Superior City Inside the IV Changer's house, the western-most house. It is in the potted plant in the bottom-left corner.
Onega Town Inside the "oddly empty" house where Rotom can be caught, the southern-most house. It is in the potted plant in the bottom-right corner.
Fianga City Inside the house with a wandering blue Voltorb, just east of the Gym. It is in the painting on the back wall.
Agassiz Town Inside the house where you are given TM21 Frustration, the southern-most house. It is in the TV on the back wall.
Kivu Town Inside the house where you can trade any Pokemon for an Absol, just northwest of the Pokemon Rangers Club. It is in the book-case on the right side.
Treader Town

Inside the house where you can trade any Pokemon for a Spinda, just northwest of the PokéMart.

Talk to the woman blocking the sink in the upper-left corner, making sure you are not talking to her from the side, so she can move away (as of 1.3.24). Once she moves, you will have access to the sink where the Ancient Tome is.

Blackfist City In the Spinning Club house (east of the Dept. Store). check the window on the back wall.
Caspian City In the most northwestern house, check the left side of the cabinet next to the sink.
Dojran City Behind the wall between the window and the portrait in house #2
Maggiore City On the farthest south west house you can enter with the little girl running all around, examine the left side of the book-case.
Skadar City In the house east of the mart, under the table on right side facing the chef
Constance City In the oven of the mid-westernest house with the ditto and eevee inside.

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