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Aria is the protagonist's mother, the former champion of the Quasar League. However, she gave up that position at one point, presumably to raise the protagonist in Nyasa Town.

She was once married to Wilson, one of the Vesryn Elite Four. Wilson is the protagonist's father, a fact which was unknown by the protagonist until they defeated him. In order to test her child's skills, Aria takes back her position as Quasar League Champion and subsequently faces them in battle.

Quasar Plateau TeamEdit

Pokémon Level Moves
Golurk 75 Hammer Arm Curse Earthquake Nightshade
Ausitto 76 Transform Spore Shell Smash Mean Look
Entei 76 Eruption Calm Mind Swagger Fire Blast
Suicune 76 Mirror Coat Blizzard Hydro Pump Calm Mind
Raikou 76 Extrasensory Calm Mind Discharge Agility
Lucario (Mega) 77 Dragon Pulse Aura Sphere Flash Cannon Vacuum Wave
Reward: $12000

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