Pokémon Zeta & Omicron introduces a new type of item known as an Attack Box. These items function like an extra move to be used once during battle in place of an attack that the player's Pokémon would use during that turn. Attack Boxes are placed towards the bottom of the TM section of the player's bag, however unlike TMs, the Pokémon currently engaged in battle does not need to be compatible with the move contained within the Attack Box in order for the Attack Box to be used in battle.

Additionally, there is a separate type of Attack Box known as a Rare Box that can only be used once during a single play-through, but also contains a move that is much stronger than those contained in a regular Attack box. The player cannot pick up a Rare Box without first learning more about them from the Box Shop in Constance City.

According to the Box Shop in Constance City, Attack Boxes were created with technology developed by Elite Four member Wilson. Rare Boxes are then described as the original pieces of technology that Attack Boxes stemmed from.

Attack Box LocationsEdit

Attack Box Location
Protect Constance City Box Shop ($5000)
Sleep Powder Constance City Box Shop ($5000)
Thunder Wave Constance City Box Shop ($5000)
Toxic Constance City Box Shop ($5000)
Confuse Ray Constance City Box Shop ($5000)
Medusa Ray Constance City Box Shop ($5000)
False Swipe Constance City Box Shop ($5000)

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