The Custom Move is a customizable move tutor attack. The player is able to change the name of the move (within the 11-character limit), change the move to any type except Fairy, and learn the move. The player may change the move's type and name free of charge, but it costs 5000PokémonDollar each time the move is taught. 

Location Edit

The Custom Move tutor is located in the Agassiz Town Pokémon Center. He is the man in the top left corner. 


Its type and name can be changed only at the viridian city


The Custom Move is a physical contact move with 70 base power, 100% accuracy, 15 PP, and poison. It is essentially the physical version of the move Hidden Power, except its type is controlled by the player instead of being dependent on the Pokémon's IVs.

If the move's type is changed, it is changed for all of the player's Pokémon which know the move. Custom Move has no use outside of battle.


Every Pokémon is capable of being taught Custom Move.