Dino Island
Special features

Dino Park, Genesect


Chill Drive x1, Douse Drive x2,
Shock Drive x1, Burn Drive x1,
plus 1 extra Drive of choice

Connected areas

Ladoga Town

Dino Island is a special location only accessible through use of the Dinoticket at the ferry landing in Ladoga Town. Dino Park, the location designated by the Sailor before leaving the ferry from Ladoga Town, is located on the island. It is also the location where the player is able to encounter and capture Genesect.


Dino ParkEdit

When the player first arrives on the island they will be able to interact with a Hiker who offers them a choice of any of the four Drives used to change the type of Genesect's signature move: Techno Blast. This Drive can be exchanged for another at any point in time, but the Hiker will never give the player access to more than one specifically from him at a time.

As the player continues to explore the park they will be able to pick up more Drives, undoubtedly foreshadowing what will appear towards the park's end. Several revived fossil Pokémon are placed in exhibits throughout the park, but none of them are capable of being captured.


As the player begins to enter the mountainous area furthest from the ferry landing, they will see a Genesect standing in front of the staircase leading further up the mountain. Interacting with the Genesect will give the player an opportunity to capture it. Genesect is at level 76 when encountered.

TIP: Make sure to save before facing Genesect, as it cannot be battled again if it is accidentally knocked out by the player.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Burndrive Burn Drive Behind the Tirtouga and Carracosta exhibit
Dousedrive Douse Drive (x2) In front of the Tirtouga and Carracosta exhibit
Directly above where the player sets foot on the mountainous area
Shockdrive Shock Drive To the right of where the player sets foot on the mountainous area
Chilldrive Chill Drive At the top of the staircase behind Genesect
Burndrive Burn Drive Obtained from the Hiker at the beginning of the park; can also be exchanged for another Drive later (only one of these Drives may be given at a time).
Dousedrive Douse Drive
Shockdrive Shock Drive
Chilldrive Chill Drive

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
Special Pokémon
649Genesect Z O 76 One

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