Draco Jet
Type  Dragon
Category  Physical
PP  15 (max. 24)
Power  40
Accuracy  100%
Priority  +1

Draco Jet is a damage-dealing Dragon-type move. It is available as TM100 in-game.


Draco Jet will always allow the user to attack before the opponent unless they use a move with higher attack priority or possess a Speed stat higher than the user while using a move of identical priority.


1)  A draconic fury in which the user always attacks first.

2)  The user uses a skill long-forgotten by the dragons to always strike first.


By TMEdit

# Pokémon Type Machine
004 Icon004 Charmander Fire Fire TM100
005 Icon005 Charmeleon Fire Fire TM100
006 Icon006 Charizard Fire Flying TM100
031 Icon031 Nidoqueen Poison Ground TM100
034 Icon034 Nidoking Poison Ground TM100
059 Icon059 Arcanine Fire Fire TM100
095 Icon095 Onix Rock Ground TM100
111 Icon111 Rhyhorn Ground Rock TM100
112 Icon112 Rhydon Ground Rock TM100
116 Icon116 Horsea Water Water TM100
117 Icon117 Seadra Water Water TM100
130 Icon130 Gyarados Water Flying TM100
131 Icon131 Lapras Water Ice TM100
142 Icon142 Aerodactyl Rock Flying TM100
147 Icon147 Dratini Dragon Dragon TM100
148 Icon148 Dragonair Dragon Dragon TM100
149 Icon149 Dragonite Dragon Flying TM100
151 Icon151 Mew Psychic Psychic TM100
160 Icon160 Feraligatr Water Water TM100
208 Icon208 Steelix Steel Ground TM100
230 Icon230 Kingdra Water Dragon TM100
248 Icon248 Tyranitar Rock Dark TM100
249 Icon249 Lugia Psychic Flying TM100
254 Icon254 Sceptile Grass Grass TM100
306 Icon306 Aggron Steel Rock TM100
329 Icon329 Vibrava Ground Dragon TM100
330 Icon330 Flygon Ground Dragon TM100
333 Icon333 Swablu Normal Flying TM100
334 Icon334 Altaria Dragon Flying TM100
341 Icon341 Corphish Water Water TM100
342 Icon342 Crawdaunt Water Dark TM100
349 Icon349 Feebas Water Water TM100
350 Icon350 Milotic Water Water TM100
357 Icon357 Tropius Grass Flying TM100
371 Icon371 Bagon Dragon Dragon TM100
372 Icon372 Shelgon Dragon Dragon TM100
373 Icon373 Salamence Dragon Flying TM100
380 Icon380 Latias Dragon Psychic TM100
381 Icon381 Latios Dragon Psychic TM100
383 Icon383 Groudon Ground Ground TM100
384 Icon384 Rayquaza Dragon Flying TM100
408 Icon408 Cranidos Rock Rock TM100
409 Icon409 Rampardos Rock Rock TM100
443 Icon443 Gible Dragon Ground TM100
444 Icon444 Gabite Dragon Ground TM100
445 Icon445 Garchomp Dragon Ground TM100
448 Icon448 Lucario Fighting Steel TM100
464 Icon464 Rhyperior Ground Rock TM100
483 Icon483 Dialga Steel Dragon TM100
484 Icon484 Palkia Water Dragon TM100
485 Icon485 Heatran Fire Steel TM100
487 Icon487 Giratina Ghost Dragon TM100
493 Icon493 Arceus Normal Normal TM100
497 Icon497 Serperior Grass Grass TM100
553 Icon553 Krookodile Ground Dark TM100
559 Icon559 Scraggy Dark Fighting TM100
560 Icon560 Scrafty Dark Fighting TM100
566 Icon566 Archen Rock Flying TM100
567 Icon567 Archeops Rock Flying TM100
610 Icon610 Axew Dragon Dragon TM100
611 Icon611 Fraxure Dragon Dragon TM100
612 Icon612 Haxorus Dragon Dragon TM100
621 Icon621 Druddigon Dragon Dragon TM100
633 Icon633 Deino Dark Dragon TM100
634 Icon634 Zweilous Dark Dragon TM100
635 Icon635 Hydreigon Dark Dragon TM100
643 Icon643 Reshiram Dragon Fire TM100
644 Icon644 Zekrom Dragon Electric TM100
668 Icon668 Noivern Flying Dragon TM100
692 Icon692 Noibat Flying Dragon TM100
693 Icon693 Amaura Rock Ice TM100
694 Icon694 Aurorus Rock Ice TM100
695 Icon695 Tyrunt Rock Dragon TM100
696 Icon696 Tyrantrum Rock Dragon TM100
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

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