Type  Ground
Category  Status
PP  20 (max. 32)
Power  —
Accuracy  —%
Priority  {{{priority}}}

Epicenter is a non-damaging Ground-type move. It is available as TM99 in-game.


Epicenter increases the user's Accuracy by 2 stages.


1)  Causes the target to become an epicenter of future disasters, increasing the user's accuracy sharply.

2)  The user centers themself [sic] for their next attack, improving their accuracy.


By TMEdit

# Pokémon Type Machine
027 Icon027 Sandshrew Ground Ground TM99
028 Icon028 Sandslash Ground Ground TM99
031 Icon031 Nidoqueen Poison Ground TM99
034 Icon034 Nidoking Poison Ground TM99
050 Icon050 Diglett Ground Ground TM99
051 Icon051 Dugtrio Ground Ground TM99
074 Icon074 Geodude Rock Ground TM99
075 Icon075 Graveler Rock Ground TM99
076 Icon076 Golem Rock Ground TM99
095 Icon095 Onix Rock Ground TM99
104 Icon104 Cubone Ground Ground TM99
105 Icon105 Marowak Ground Ground TM99
111 Icon111 Rhyhorn Ground Rock TM99
112 Icon112 Rhydon Ground Rock TM99
138 Icon138 Omanyte Rock Water TM99
139 Icon139 Omastar Rock Water TM99
140 Icon140 Kabuto Rock Water TM99
141 Icon141 Kabutops Rock Water TM99
142 Icon142 Aerodactyl Rock Flying TM99
151 Icon151 Mew Psychic Psychic TM99
185 Icon185 Sudowoodo Rock Rock TM99
194 Icon194 Wooper Water Ground TM99
195 Icon195 Quagsire Water Ground TM99
207 Icon207 Gligar Ground Flying TM99
208 Icon208 Steelix Steel Ground TM99
213 Icon213 Shuckle Bug Rock TM99
219 Icon219 Magcargo Fire Rock TM99
220 Icon220 Swinub Ice Ground TM99
221 Icon221 Piloswine Ice Ground TM99
222 Icon222 Corsola Water Rock TM99
231 Icon231 Phanpy Ground Ground TM99
232 Icon232 Donphan Ground Ground TM99
246 Icon246 Larvitar Rock Ground TM99
247 Icon247 Pupitar Rock Ground TM99
248 Icon248 Tyranitar Rock Dark TM99
259 Icon259 Marshtomp Water Ground TM99
260 Icon260 Swampert Water Ground TM99
290 Icon290 Nincada Bug Ground TM99
299 Icon299 Nosepass Rock Rock TM99
304 Icon304 Aron Steel Rock TM99
305 Icon305 Lairon Steel Rock TM99
306 Icon306 Aggron Steel Rock TM99
322 Icon322 Numel Fire Ground TM99
323 Icon323 Camerupt Fire Ground TM99
328 Icon328 Trapinch Ground Ground TM99
329 Icon329 Vibrava Ground Dragon TM99
330 Icon330 Flygon Ground Dragon TM99
337 Icon337 Lunatone Rock Psychic TM99
338 Icon338 Solrock Rock Psychic TM99
339 Icon339 Barboach Water Ground TM99
340 Icon340 Whiscash Water Ground TM99
343 Icon343 Baltoy Ground Psychic TM99
344 Icon344 Claydol Ground Psychic TM99
345 Icon345 Lileep Rock Grass TM99
346 Icon346 Cradily Rock Grass TM99
347 Icon347 Anorith Rock Bug TM99
348 Icon348 Armaldo Rock Bug TM99
369 Icon369 Relicanth Water Rock TM99
377 Icon377 Regirock Rock Rock TM99
383 Icon383 Groudon Ground Ground TM99
389 Icon389 Torterra Grass Ground TM99
408 Icon408 Cranidos Rock Rock TM99
409 Icon409 Rampardos Rock Rock TM99
410 Icon410 Shieldon Rock Steel TM99
411 Icon411 Bastiodon Rock Steel TM99
423 Icon423 Gastrodon Water Ground TM99
438 Icon438 Bonsly Rock Rock TM99
443 Icon443 Gible Dragon Ground TM99
444 Icon444 Gabite Dragon Ground TM99
445 Icon445 Garchomp Dragon Ground TM99
449 Icon449 Hippopotas Ground Ground TM99
450 Icon450 Hippowdon Ground Ground TM99
464 Icon464 Rhyperior Ground Rock TM99
472 Icon472 Gliscor Ground Flying TM99
473 Icon473 Mamoswine Ice Ground TM99
476 Icon476 Probopass Rock Steel TM99
524 Icon524 Roggenrola Rock Rock TM99
525 Icon525 Boldore Rock Rock TM99
526 Icon526 Gigalith Ground Ground TM99
529 Icon529 Drilbur Ground Ground TM99
530 Icon530 Excadrill Ground Steel TM99
536 Icon536 Palpitoad Water Ground TM99
537 Icon537 Seismitoad Water Ground TM99
551 Icon551 Sandile Ground Dark TM99
552 Icon552 Krokorok Ground Dark TM99
553 Icon553 Krookodile Ground Dark TM99
557 Icon557 Dwebble Bug Rock TM99
558 Icon558 Crustle Bug Rock TM99
564 Icon564 Tirtouga Water Rock TM99
565 Icon565 Carracosta Water Rock TM99
566 Icon566 Archen Rock Flying TM99
567 Icon567 Archeops Rock Flying TM99
618 Icon618 Stunfisk Ground Electric TM99
622 Icon622 Golett Ground Ghost TM99
623 Icon623 Golurk Ground Ghost TM99
639 Icon639 Terrakion Rock Fighting TM99
645 Icon645 Landorus Ground Flying TM99
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.


  • Despite the fact that Ninjask and Shedinja cannot learn Echolocation through TM, they are still capable of using the move if taught to Nincada first.

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