Thesuzerain has released information that besides the 649 pokemon in the game there will also be a few Fakemon, which are Pokemon that do not appear in any other Pokemon game.Most Fakemon are hybrids of Pokemon mixed with Digimon.

List of Fakemon (in order of Pokedex #) Edit

Pokedex No. Name
650 Divaevus
651 Maladeux
656 Ausitto
658 Megasparce
671 Fulsignis
672 Umilautus
673 Gaiacastus
674 Tonitreum
675 Terranumen
676 Adamandura
677 Geludeus
678 Memorpheus
679 Certapugno
680 Ryubestia
681 Exarego
682 Venocoluber
683 Ferrocalyps
684 Sepulcumbra
685 Caelitus
698 WarHaxorus
699 CyberGoomy
700 Hydreigod
701 Machamence
702 RizeFlygon
703 ShineFlygon
704 GigaGoomy

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