Freelancer Braid is a trainer in the simulation Depot purchasable for $10000

Pokémon Level Moves Items Ability
Mawile 67 Crunch Stockpile Iron Head Swallow Leftovers Hyper Cutter
Togetic 68 Return Psyshock Wish Fly Serene Grace
Breloom 69 Seed Bomb Mach Punch Stun Spore Sky Uppercut Toxic Orb Poison Heal
Zoroark 73 Foul Play Night Slash Agility U-turn Leftovers Illusion
Typhlosion 74 Eruption Flame Wheel Swift Quick Attack Typhlosionite Blaze
Kingdra 76 Hydro Pump Waterfall Draco Meteor Dive Leftovers Swift Swim

Freelancer Braid is the trainer and team of the Reddit user BionicleManF. He made the Jhoto starter Mega Evolution sprites.

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