Secret Base Edit

Cool Trainer Trainer is the infinite battle partner in your secret base and can be a useful way to train and do battle practicing. Trainer uses Audino (x6) that has an EV yield of 2 HP.  Take note that the trainer will only use 3 pokemon in the level 100 selection, so selecting the level 90 option is more beneficial for HP EV yield and experience gain.

Prices: Edit

Level Cost
10 $3000
20 $6000
30 $9000
40 $12000
50 $15000
60 $18000
70 $21000
80 $24000
90 $27000
100 $30000

Grinding After The Elite FourEdit

The increase of the level of the other trainer's pokemon seem to increase almost exponentially after defeating the Elite Four.

It is for this reason that the player will almost inevitably have to "grind" by battling high level pokemon to raise their levels. It is recommended that you have the pokemon you want to train hold a lucky egg.

Leveling Up Water PokemonEdit

Battling trainers and wild pokemon at the base of Mount Nova

Leveling Up Fire PokemonEdit

Go to the very top of Mount Nova, all pokemon there are ice type

Leveling Up Steel PokemonEdit

Go to the very top of Mount Nova, most pokemon there are ice type.

Leveling Up Flying PokemonEdit

Timelocked Temple (after defeating Wilson at his Hall of Champions) is full of Volcaronas, who are very easy to take down with flying type moves. But take a couple burn heals because its flame body will burn you often.

Leveling Up Ghost Pokemon

Midnight Mansion. (After Defeating Odin/Zeus) the midnight Mansion is Accessible. The player can Either catch Darkai(Zeta Exclusive) or Cresselia (Omicron Exclusive) and battle inside the mansion.

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