Hidden Grottos are hidden places where a fixed pool of Pokémon will spawn upon entering the screen.

Grotto Interior

Inside of a Hidden Grotto

Once you have entered a Grotto, the Pokémon that is spawned will be "locked" as the only Pokémon you will encounter in that Grotto until Midnight.  There is also a chance that no Pokémon spawns and the player will miss an encounter that day unless they reset to a point before they entered the Grotto.

Grotto LocationsEdit

Vesryn RegionEdit

Onega TownEdit

Head to the upper-northwest corner of the city, north of the six soil plots. The HM CUT is required to enter.

Onega grotto

North-westernmost corner of Onega

Onega City Hidden Grotto Spawn Pool
Pokemon % Chance
Beedrill 10
Bulbasaur 9
Butterfree 11
Charmander 8
Ekans 9
Kangaskhan 10
Tangela 31
Farfetch'd 12

Route 307Edit

The Surf HM is required to enter.

307 Grotto

Northwestern area of Route 307

Route 307 Hidden Grotto Spawn Pool
Pokemon % Chance
Bagon 9
Beedrill 10
Butterfree 10
Charmander 7
Ekans 17
Farfetch'd 11
Mr.Mime 7
Tangela 6
No pokemon 23

Aroma RegionEdit

Eternal ForestEdit

The Grotto is located in the southeastern portion of the map. As the forest can be difficult to navigate through, this may take some time to find.

Eternal Forest Grotto

Southeastern area of Eternal Forest

Eternal Forest Grotto Spawn Pool
Pokemon % Chance

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