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Protagonist VS. Jake


Rival Jake


Rival Jake's Updated Sprite

Jake is the protagonist's rival in Zeta/Omicron.


  • He lives in Zarivar Town with his mother and little sister.
  • He is first encountered in Zarivar Town's schoolhouse after Professor Oak asks you to go fetch him, as he is due to start his internship at the professor's lab.
  • He claims that Aria, the current champion and the protagonist's mother, is his idol.
  • Jake is given swag by default in order to make the protagonist feel enmity toward him (though this can be turned off at the start of the game, as well as in the schoolhouse if you talk to Jake before Oak asks you to find him). He is very annoying.
  • He does later on in the game have "Swag Grunts" with him, which seem to follow him like a leader for some inexplicable reason.


Jake's starter Pokémon directly counters that of the protagonist. Depending on whether the player picks Bellsprout, Magby, or Horsea, Jake will have a Magby, Horsea or Bellsprout respectively.

He will also have a different legendary Pokémon depending on which version of the game the player plays: in Zeta he will use Victini, while in Omicron he will instead use Jirachi.

Double BattlesEdit

On some occasions the player will battle with Rival Jake on their side in a double battle. For example in Caspian City against the Gym Leader Miranda.

Rival BattlesEdit

The player will be challenged by their rival several times during the course of the game in both the Vesryn and Aroma regions.

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