Kingdom Customs
Special features



Quick Claw, Max Revive

Connected areas

Centauri Town, Route 8X

Map Kingdom Customs

Kingdom Customs is yet another small location that serves to connect Centauri Town and Route 8X together. The building basically serves as a security checkpoint between Kingdom City and the rest of the region, though some of the people here seem to doubt the actual effectiveness of this facility's system.


Upon walking into Kingdom Customs the player will notice a large number of people waiting to pass through the scanners to head towards Kingdom City. Among these people are familiar faces such as Kanto Elite Four Member Lorelei and Hoenn Gym Leader Norman.

Once the player reaches the middle scanners, Maxie/Archie/Greevil's mole will allow the player to pass through one of them and onward towards Route 8X.

One final NPC, a Ranger, is seen after passing through the scanner. Talking to him causes him to reveal his true identity, the Meowth of Doom.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Quickclaw Quick Claw From the Black Belt
Maxrevive Max Revive From the woman in the far right scanner

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