Used to fight a wild Latias in Zeta or Latios in Omicron. Both are Level 92 when encountered.

  1. Use Tesseract on Wynaut Island, found on Route 320, and engage Latias/Latios to get them to flee.
  2. Engage it on Route 313 (Surf is required). Located in the middle of the Route.
  3. Engage it on Route 312. Located near entrance of Route 315 (down the stairs and to the left).
  4. Engage it on Route 311. Located on an island closer to Kivu Town.
  5. Engage it on Mt. Press outside the second cave (Rock Climb is required).
  6. Engage it at the Mysterious Cave exit on Huron Town's side.
  7. Now return to Wynaut Island, use Tesseract and battle it.

Surf, Rock Climb and Tesseract are required to complete this quest.

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