Mt. Epsilon
Special features

Shadow Pokémon


1x Max Ether, 2x Max Revive,
TM10 Hidden Power, TM25 Thunder, TM53 Energy Ball, TM58 Sky Drop,
TM91 Flash Cannon, TM90 Substitute, TM05 Roar, TM52 Focus Blast,
3x Heavy Ball

Connected areas

Route 6X, Canis Town, Polaris Town

Mt. Epsilon is an extremely large mountain range that spreads over the later parts of the Aroma Region. In fact, Mt. Epsilon is the largest mountain range in the entire game, surpassing even Mt. Press.

Because Mt. Epsilon is so large in size, it will be divided into 3 sections based on what towns and routes each section is connected to. This is also to create a more organized and structured walkthrough for readers. Click on any of the section hyperlinks below to read about the section in greater detail.

Note that catch and save menu locations can show 5 different sections for Mt. Epsilon: Mt. Epsilon (Lower), Mt. Epsilon (Outer), Mt. Epsilon (Upper), Mt. Epsilon (Summit), and Mt. Epsilon Slope. For simplicity's sake, the Outer regions have been integrated into the other sections, the summit has been integrated into Mt. Epsilon (Upper) due to its small size, and the Slope has been integrated into Route 7X due to how incredibly short and uneventful the section is. Mt. Epsilon (Lower) has also been split into Mt. Epsilon (Lower 1) and Mt. Epsilon (Lower 2) for organizational purposes.

Mt. Epsilon (Lower 1)Edit

Mt. Epsilon (Lower 2)Edit

Mt. Epsilon (Upper)Edit

  • Connected to Polaris Town
  • Pokémon Trainer Brendan & May boss fights occur here.

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