The mythologist will say a poem about a legendary Pokemon or duo/trio. The poem changes each time you talk to him. He is located near the computer and skeleton key.

Poems Edit

In the place of endless diversity
Where rare Pokemon connect and meet. [sic]
join the fishes below, then shall you see.
A member respective, of the Kami Three.
I wonder what it means?
Refers to Thundurus, Landorus, and Tornadus, the "Kami trio", which can be obtained in the first three Safari Zones (in that order) after the player gains access to Dive.
Live peacefully, the Golems Three
Under the path to Victory.
Only hikers and climbers find and prevail
Against the beasts to whom nations fail.
Cool, isn't it?
Refers to Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, the "golem trio", which can be obtained in Victory Road after the player gains access to Rock Climb.
The forest watcher, be refound.
When the folds of time fall to the ground.
Green psychic energy with mass effect.
Found in the forest of Naragex.
Cool, isn't it?
Refers to the Celebi event in Naragex Forest.
The shadow's power, be contained.
In the house where none awake remain.
A maze of hedge and a maze of cave.
The path to the shadow the mazes pave.
Interesting, don't you think?
Refers to Darkrai (though it only appears in Zeta; Cresselia appears in Omicron) in Midnight Mansion, which is reached through Midnight Way (cave) and Midnight Mansion External (hedge maze).
The titanic great of magma and fire.
Live naught in pain but in mountain pyre.
Decades, he slumbers, neither dies nor corrodes.
In the core of the mountain when stars explode.
What a weird poem!
Refers to Heatran, the Fire/Steel-type Pokemon found in Mount Nova (a nova being a nuclear explosion on a star).

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