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Odin, previously known as Gold (born Ethan) is the leader of Team Asgard in Pokémon Zeta.

The first time you meet him is in the museum in Onega Town when he steals the Time Caller and then catches Shaymin. The first time you battle him, he is on Mt. Press where he tries to catch Jirachi.

Mt. PressEdit

Pokémon Level Moves
Jolteon 57 Discharge Baton Pass Double Team Agility
Salamence 58 Dragon Claw Crunch Dragon Dance Zen Headbutt
Shaymin 59 Energy Ball Air Slash Earth Power Agility
Dusknoir 58 Calm Mind Shadow Punch Future Sight Confuse Ray
Escavalier 57 X-Scissor Iron Defense Iron Head Swords Dance
Reward: $5900

Nyasa TownEdit

Immediately after defeating the Champion of the elite four you go to Nyasa Town where Odin challenges you once again. This time it's tough since he has a new legendary and you are worn out after the elite four. If you lose the story progresses anyway.

Pokémon Level Moves
Salamence 74 Zen Headbutt Dragon Claw Dragon Dance Crunch
Shaymin (Sky) 75 Air Slash Energy Ball Agility Earth Power
Divaevus 77 Dragon Pulse Tesseract ExtremeSpeed Psychic
Reward: $7700

Varlox CaveEdit

Odin is one of the people you have to defeat in Varlox Cave. He challenges you immediately after you've battled Red.

Pokémon Level Moveset Item
Jolteon 120 Baton Pass Double Team Discharge Agility
Divaevus 120 Adapt Extremespeed Tesseract Dragon Pulse White Herb
Shaymin 120 Agility Seed Flare Earth Power Air Slash
Salamence 120 Outrage Dragon Dance Crunch Zen Headbutt
Escavalier 120 Iron Defense Iron Head X-Scissor Swords Dance
Gengar (Mega) 120 Shadow Sneak Shadow Ball Sludge Bomb Tail Glow Gengarite
Reward: $12000

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