Major / Must haves Edit

Interface Overhaul with over 200+ new images by MellyshyEdit

BW GUI Pack by BionicleManFEdit

  • Changes the old GUI to the BW GUI.

Pokemon XY Animated Sprites by SicnsEdit

  • Replaces the old pixel sprites with the new XY animated sprites. Screenshots

Sugimori Art Battlers Sprite for ENEMY ONLY by SicnsEdit

  • Replaces the old pixel sprites with Sugimori Art. Possible alternative for above. Screenshots

Alternate Pokemon Sprites and Icons by hirmuolioEdit

Sprite Pack by melmanoEdit

  • Multiple revamps for many sprites including: default trainer fixes, a revamped female trainer, a more XD001-looking Shadow Lugia and unblurred VS faces for Gym Leaders. Screenshots

Evolemon's Sprite Pack by Evolemon Edit

  • This pack makes a lot of things look very nice, such as the summary screen and the PC boxes, and SO much more! Highly recommended!. Screenshots

Sprite Overhaul Pack by MellyShy Edit

  • This pack does a variety of things including changing the pixelly Pokemony feel for a non-pixelly Pokemony feel (you'll just have to click the link to see what I mean by that). It also includes XY backgrounds!. Screenshots

Pokémon Zeta/Omicron HD Reloaded v0.9.8 by Edahy (New Link) Edit

  • This big mod for Pokemon & Omicron Zeta is a quality overhaul on many aspects of the game and is constantly updated. HD Reloaded upgrades most of the graphics and sounds to achieve a much more living and detailed experience. These upgrades include: new menus, new text fonts, new icons, new textures (excluding world textures), new fakemon textures, new windows skins, new battlebacks, new real mp3 sounds and effects, and 3D pokemon images. Screenshots
  • Note: It is highly recommended to install this mod after any other mods, since it has a lot of content, and may cause incompatibilities otherwise. This mod also includes the "Mini mod new Fakemons by Edahy v1.5 for Pokemon Zeta / Omicron".

Credits: (some parts of mods used in this mod)






Thank to all make a better game.

Due to the latest confusions and people complaining about i stole others work im sorry, i printed some screenshots whit other mods INSTALLED, but not INCLUDED in my mod, the only things of other people i took are:

-3D Sprites: i have to put some hard work redoning some gifs that look awful, or are corrupted.

-Evolvemon's GUI pack: i inspired in this mod for doing my Battle Menu, and the pokemon stats menu.

and,for example, custom Trainer Rio is not included.

I still can foget something, but i think this is all.


Mini mod new Fakemons v1.5 by Edahy (New Link) Edit

  • Mini mod for pokémon Zeta/Omicron which aims to improve the skin for the Fakemons in the game. These are the ones that are included for now: Megasparce, Ausitto, Divaevus, Maladeux, CyberGoomy, Hydreigod, Warhaxorus, Mega Typhlosion, Mega Meganium, Mega Feraligatr and Mega Golurk. Screenshots



Custom Player Sprites Edit

Brendan Player Sprite by 15avaughn Edit

Custom Trainer Sprite by Riosnake Edit

  • Amazing sprites IMO and the one I use. Screenshot

NPC Sprites Edit

New and Revised Rival Jake - now with extra swag by PolahhhBear

  • Because Green is not Jake. Also makes Jake more swaggy.
  • Makes Jake more swaggy and better looking. Screenshot

Jake Replacement Sprites by BionicleManF Edit

  • Another Jake remodel. Choose which one you prefer. Screenshots

Team Olympus Resprites by echothethird

  • Gives Team Olympus a newer look. (For Omicron) Screenshot

Team Asgard Resprites by siveran Edit

  • Gives Team Asgard a newer look. (For Zeta) Screenshot

Pokemon Sprites Edit

Delta Pokemon Followers by SicnsEdit

  • Gives follower sprites to Delta Pokemon. Screenshot

Shadow Pokemon Sprite Revamp by Sparrows413Edit

  • Makes Shadow Pokemon more sinister instead of just a purple recolor!, this sprites are now on the default game. Screenshot

Official Mega Swampert Sprite by echothethird Edit

  • In the thread, there is another one by the "community"/Criminion. CONFUSING!. Screenshot

Revamped Delta Snorlax by Sparrows413 Edit

  • A great sprite revamp for D. Snorlax. Different styles for the seasons!. Screenshots

Armored Mewtwo Sprites by Othienka Edit

Animated Delta Milotic Sprite by Dusk900 Edit

  • Also has menu icons and follower sprites. Screenshots

Custom Divaevus Sprite by unknown spriter

  • There's a shiny one in the comments too. Screenshot

In ProgressEdit

TheLuca's Custom TilesetsEdit

TieMonkey's Custom TilesetsEdit

Mega Sprite Pack 4 by BionicleManFEdit

  • AKA Tons of Trainers (ToT) is a huge upcoming sprite pack. Screenshot

Last Update: 05/21/2017 Edit


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