Type  Ice
Category  Status
PP  15 (max. 24)
Power  —
Accuracy  80%
Priority  {{{priority}}}

Permafrost is a non-damaging Ice-type move. It is available as TM105 in-game.


Permafrost is an entry hazard that has a 1/5 chance of freezing the opponent's Pokémon upon switch in. If the opponent switches in an Ice-type Pokémon then the hazard is absorbed and the effect disappears until it is used again.


1)  Frost covers the ground around the foe, randomly freezing foes who switch in.

2)  The ground freezes at the foes [sic] feet, giving a chance to freeze any for who switches in.


By TMEdit

# Pokémon Type Machine
007 Icon007 Squirtle Water Water TM105
008 Icon008 Wartortle Water Water TM105
009 Icon009 Blastoise Water Water TM105
019 Icon019 Rattata Normal Normal TM105
020 Icon020 Raticate Normal Normal TM105
029 Icon029 Nidoran ♀ Poison Poison TM105
030 Icon030 Nidorina Poison Poison TM105
031 Icon031 Nidoqueen Poison Ground TM105
032 Icon032 Nidoran ♂ Poison Poison TM105
033 Icon033 Nidorino Poison Poison TM105
034 Icon034 Nidoking Poison Ground TM105
035 Icon035 Clefairy Normal Normal TM105
036 Icon036 Clefable Normal Normal TM105
039 Icon039 Jigglypuff Normal Normal TM105
040 Icon040 Wigglytuff Normal Normal TM105
054 Icon054 Psyduck Water Water TM105
055 Icon055 Golduck Water Water TM105
060 Icon060 Poliwag Water Water TM105
061 Icon061 Poliwhirl Water Water TM105
062 Icon062 Poliwrath Water Fighting TM105
072 Icon072 Tentacool Water Poison TM105
073 Icon073 Tentacruel Water Poison TM105
079 Icon079 Slowpoke Water Psychic TM105
080 Icon080 Slowbro Water Psychic TM105
086 Icon086 Seel Water Water TM105
087 Icon087 Dewgong Water Ice TM105
090 Icon090 Shellder Water Water TM105
091 Icon091 Cloyster Water Ice TM105
098 Icon098 Krabby Water Water TM105
099 Icon099 Kingler Water Water TM105
104 Icon104 Cubone Ground Ground TM105
105 Icon105 Marowak Ground Ground TM105
108 Icon108 Lickitung Normal Normal TM105
111 Icon111 Rhyhorn Ground Rock TM105
112 Icon112 Rhydon Ground Rock TM105
113 Icon113 Chansey Normal Normal TM105
115 Icon115 Kangaskhan Normal Normal TM105
116 Icon116 Horsea Water Water TM105
117 Icon117 Seadra Water Water TM105
118 Icon118 Goldeen Water Water TM105
119 Icon119 Seaking Water Water TM105
120 Icon120 Staryu Water Water TM105
121 Icon121 Starmie Water Psychic TM105
124 Icon124 Jynx Ice Psychic TM105
128 Icon128 Tauros Normal Normal TM105
130 Icon130 Gyarados Water Flying TM105
131 Icon131 Lapras Water Ice TM105
134 Icon134 Vaporeon Water Water TM105
137 Icon137 Porygon Normal Normal TM105
138 Icon138 Omanyte Rock Water TM105
139 Icon139 Omastar Rock Water TM105
140 Icon140 Kabuto Rock Water TM105
141 Icon141 Kabutops Rock Water TM105
143 Icon143 Snorlax Normal Normal TM105
144 Icon144 Articuno Ice Flying TM105
147 Icon147 Dratini Dragon Dragon TM105
148 Icon148 Dragonair Dragon Dragon TM105
149 Icon149 Dragonite Dragon Flying TM105
150 Icon150 Mewtwo Psychic Psychic TM105
151 Icon151 Mew Psychic Psychic TM105
158 Icon158 Totodile Water Water TM105
159 Icon159 Croconaw Water Water TM105
160 Icon160 Feraligatr Water Water TM105
162 Icon162 Furret Normal Normal TM105
170 Icon170 Chinchou Water Electric TM105
171 Icon171 Lanturn Water Electric TM105
183 Icon183 Marill Water Water TM105
184 Icon184 Azumarill Water Water TM105
186 Icon186 Politoed Water Water TM105
194 Icon194 Wooper Water Ground TM105
195 Icon195 Quagsire Water Ground TM105
199 Icon199 Slowking Water Psychic TM105
206 Icon206 Dunsparce Normal Normal TM105
211 Icon211 Qwilfish Water Poison TM105
215 Icon215 Sneasel Dark Ice TM105
220 Icon220 Swinub Ice Ground TM105
221 Icon221 Piloswine Ice Ground TM105
222 Icon222 Corsola Water Rock TM105
223 Icon223 Remoraid Water Water TM105
224 Icon224 Octillery Water Water TM105
225 Icon225 Delibird Ice Flying TM105
226 Icon226 Mantine Water Flying TM105
230 Icon230 Kingdra Water Dragon TM105
233 Icon233 Porygon2 Normal Normal TM105
238 Icon238 Smoochum Ice Psychic TM105
241 Icon241 Miltank Normal Normal TM105
242 Icon242 Blissey Normal Normal TM105
245 Icon245 Suicune Water Water TM105
248 Icon248 Tyranitar Rock Dark TM105
249 Icon249 Lugia Psychic Flying TM105
258 Icon258 Mudkip Water Water TM105
259 Icon259 Marshtomp Water Ground TM105
260 Icon260 Swampert Water Ground TM105
263 Icon263 Zigzagoon Normal Normal TM105
264 Icon264 Linoone Normal Normal TM105
270 Icon270 Lotad Water Grass TM105
271 Icon271 Lombre Water Grass TM105
272 Icon272 Ludicolo Water Grass TM105
278 Icon278 Wingull Water Flying TM105
279 Icon279 Pelipper Water Flying TM105
283 Icon283 Surskit Bug Water TM105
284 Icon284 Masquerain Bug Flying TM105
287 Icon287 Slakoth Normal Normal TM105
288 Icon288 Vigoroth Normal Normal TM105
289 Icon289 Slaking Normal Normal TM105
293 Icon293 Whismur Normal Normal TM105
294 Icon294 Loudred Normal Normal TM105
295 Icon295 Exploud Normal Normal TM105
298 Icon298 Azurill Normal Normal TM105
300 Icon300 Skitty Normal Normal TM105
301 Icon301 Delcatty Normal Normal TM105
306 Icon306 Aggron Steel Rock TM105
318 Icon318 Carvanha Water Dark TM105
319 Icon319 Sharpedo Water Dark TM105
320 Icon320 Wailmer Water Water TM105
321 Icon321 Wailord Water Water TM105
335 Icon335 Zangoose Normal Normal TM105
337 Icon337 Lunatone Rock Psychic TM105
339 Icon339 Barboach Water Ground TM105
340 Icon340 Whiscash Water Ground TM105
341 Icon341 Corphish Water Water TM105
342 Icon342 Crawdaunt Water Dark TM105
349 Icon349 Feebas Water Water TM105
350 Icon350 Milotic Water Water TM105
351 Icon351 Castform Normal Normal TM105
352 Icon352 Kecleon Normal Normal TM105
355 Icon355 Duskull Ghost Ghost TM105
356 Icon356 Dusclops Ghost Ghost TM105
359 Icon359 Absol Dark Dark TM105
361 Icon361 Snorunt Ice Ice TM105
362 Icon362 Glalie Ice Ice TM105
363 Icon363 Spheal Ice Water TM105
364 Icon364 Sealeo Ice Water TM105
365 Icon365 Walrein Ice Water TM105
366 Icon366 Clamperl Water Water TM105
367 Icon367 Huntail Water Water TM105
368 Icon368 Gorebyss Water Water TM105
369 Icon369 Relicanth Water Rock TM105
370 Icon370 Luvdisc Water Water TM105
378 Icon378 Regice Ice Ice TM105
382 Icon382 Kyogre Water Water TM105
384 Icon384 Rayquaza Dragon Flying TM105
393 Icon393 Piplup Water Water TM105
394 Icon394 Prinplup Water Water TM105
395 Icon395 Empoleon Water Steel TM105
399 Icon399 Bidoof Normal Normal TM105
400 Icon400 Bibarel Normal Water TM105
408 Icon408 Cranidos Rock Rock TM105
409 Icon409 Rampardos Rock Rock TM105
410 Icon410 Shieldon Rock Steel TM105
411 Icon411 Bastiodon Rock Steel TM105
418 Icon418 Buizel Water Water TM105
419 Icon419 Floatzel Water Water TM105
422 Icon422 Shellos Water Water TM105
423 Icon423 Gastrodon Water Ground TM105
428 Icon428 Lopunny Normal Normal TM105
446 Icon446 Munchlax Normal Normal TM105
456 Icon456 Finneon Water Water TM105
457 Icon457 Lumineon Water Water TM105
458 Icon458 Mantyke Water Flying TM105
459 Icon459 Snover Grass Ice TM105
460 Icon460 Abomasnow Grass Ice TM105
461 Icon461 Weavile Dark Ice TM105
463 Icon463 Lickilicky Normal Normal TM105
464 Icon464 Rhyperior Ground Rock TM105
471 Icon471 Glaceon Ice Ice TM105
473 Icon473 Mamoswine Ice Ground TM105
474 Icon474 Porygon-Z Normal Normal TM105
477 Icon477 Dusknoir Ghost Ghost TM105
478 Icon478 Froslass Ice Ghost TM105
481 Icon481 Mesprit Psychic Psychic TM105
483 Icon483 Dialga Steel Dragon TM105
484 Icon484 Palkia Water Dragon TM105
489 Icon489 Phione Water Water TM105
490 Icon490 Manaphy Water Water TM105
491 Icon491 Darkrai Dark Dark TM105
493 Icon493 Arceus Normal Normal TM105
501 Icon501 Oshawott Water Water TM105
502 Icon502 Dewott Water Water TM105
503 Icon503 Samurott Water Water TM105
515 Icon515 Panpour Water Water TM105
516 Icon516 Simipour Water Water TM105
531 Icon531 Audino Normal Normal TM105
564 Icon564 Tirtouga Water Rock TM105
565 Icon565 Carracosta Water Rock TM105
582 Icon582 Vanillite Ice Ice TM105
583 Icon583 Vanillish Ice Ice TM105
584 Icon584 Vanilluxe Ice Ice TM105
592 Icon592 Frillish Water Ghost TM105
593 Icon593 Jellicent Water Ghost TM105
594 Icon594 Alomomola Water Water TM105
613 Icon613 Cubchoo Ice Ice TM105
614 Icon614 Beartic Ice Ice TM105
615 Icon615 Cryogonal Ice Ice TM105
646 Icon646 Kyurem Dragon Ice TM105
649 Icon649 Genesect Bug Steel TM105
670 Icon670 Delta Aggron Ice Steel TM105
737 Icon737 D. Houndoom Fire Ice TM105
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

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