The Pokegear is a basic utility used throughout the adventure. It is found within the Pokeball on the way to Shadow Path, west of Onega Town.


Pokemon oz pokegear menu

Pokegear Menu (Upgraded)

The Pokegear has a few functions, some of which are available at the start, while others require the Poketech Designer upgrade.


Initially the only option available. View the Map of Vesryn.


Once upgraded by the Poketech Designer, the Jukebox function allows you to change the music. The music will be changed forever once you've set it. It cannot change back to original.(Anon Edit: Music can be set back to default by going into the jukebox menu>down to custom>default music)


Once upgraded by the Poketech Designer, the Trade function allows you to evolve Pokemon that would normally require trading with another person. For example, by selecting Trade and then selecting Graveler, Graveler will evolve into Golem.