Professor Oak is the head professor in the game. However he does not play nearly as important of a role in Zeta/Omicron as in the canon games. While he does give you your starter Pokémon, he does not encounter you very much throughout the story. Sometimes he can be seen with Aria, N, and Cyrus while confronting Team Asgard/Olympus.

Police Club QuestEdit

In the police club quest the Professor is encountered back in his lab in Pallet Town where Team Rocket steals the Strange Machine from him. He mistakes the player for a Rocket Grunt and challenge them.

Pokémon Level Moves
Tangrowth 32 Growth Knock Off Mega Drain Stun Spore
Lickilicky 32 Wrap Slam Stomp Disable
Blastoise 33 Protect Water Pulse Rapid Spin Aqua Tail
Charizard 33 Flame Burst Fire Fang Dragon Rage Scary Face
Yanmega 32 Detect Uproar Supersonic Pursuit
Venusaur 33 Double-Edge Sweet Scent Growth Petal Dance
Reward: $3300, Ultra Ball

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