Purification Chamber is one of other choice than the Relic Stone at Origin City to purify Shadow Pokemon. This can be accessed from PC after player has completed the event at Therian Plateau. Here's how to use Purification Chamber.

How to use Purification ChamberEdit

Purification Chamber may confusing at start, but it's easy to use after knowing the mechanics.

1. Have Shadow Pokemon is ready to be purified


(In my case, my Rayquaza is ready for purification)

2. Access Purification Chamber, then choose Shadow Pokemon to be purified.


3. After put the Shadow Pokemon on the Chamber, player must AT LEAST put one regular Pokemon in the set to do purification ceremony. Player may also changing where's the direction is facing, either Up, Right, Down, or Left. This will help to set the flow.


4. After putting a Pokemon to the set, a colored dot line will appear. These lines are "Weak Type Match-Up". Blue dot line means the Pokemon's type is either normal or less effective to others, while white dot line means the Pokemon's type is effective to others.


(Blue dot line, which means Rayquaza's type isn't effective to Golem's type)


(White dot line, which means Rayquaza's type is effective to Altaria's type)

5. Once player has decided which Pokemon will be used for purification, exit the edit screen and the purification will begin. WARNING!!! Once the purification is completed, the Pokemon that used for purification will gone for forever! Be sure to choose the Pokemon wisely for purification ceremony!!


(Purification completed)

TIP: Player might choosing The Relic Stone at Origin City to do purification rather than at Purification Chamber.

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