Quake Cavern
Special features

Shadow Pokémon



Connected areas

Antares Town, Quake Desert

Map Quake Cavern

Quake Cavern is an underground area situated beneath the Quake Desert which also connects to Antares Town in the north. The player may find themselves falling down into this area from the Quake Desert if they do not follow the storyline events in order.


When the player first walks into the Quake Cavern from Antares Town they will immediately be confronted by an unknown character who appears to be displeased with the antics of Team Cipher and Team Magma/Aqua. Intrigued by the player's courageousness, this mysterious trainer challenges them to a battle.

After winning over the Mysterious Trainer Suzerain, he will again praise the player's skill and suggests that they will meet again very soon.

With Suzerain gone, the player is now free to explore the remainder of the cavern, which remains largely uneventful. The player has the option of leaving through a side exit on the left side of the cavern or through the main exit to the Quake Desert at the bottom left of the map. The side exit will take the player through a brief series of cave openings in both the desert and the cavern, but eventually the player will end up in Antares Town as a result. To progress with the storyline, take the main exit out to Quake Desert.

Mysterious Trainer SuzerainEdit



Pokémon Level Moves Item


35 ExtremeSpeed Hidden Power Return Double Team Silkscarf

Silk Scarf

447 shadow

Riolu (Shadow)

34 Shadow Break Shadow Down None None None


35 Screech Rock Slide Supersonic Dragonbreath None


36 Leaf Blade Pursuit Screech Agility None


36 Blaze Kick Bulk Up Sand Attack Quick Attack None


36 Mud Shot Take Down Foresight Mud Bomb None
Reward: PokémonDollar3600

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
042 Golbat Z O 23-26 Common
105 Marowak Z O 23-26 Uncommon
296 Makuhita Z O 23-35 Common
307 Meditite Z O 24-27 Common
328 Trapinch Z O 23-26 Uncommon
375 Metang Z O 23-26 Very Rare
529 Drilbur Z O 23-26 Rare
622 Golett Z O 23-26 Common

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