Route 4X
Special features

Shadow Pokémon, Delta Pokémon



Connected areas

Carinae Town, Cassiopeia Town

Map Route 4X

Route 4X is a swamp-like area that connects Carinae Town and Cassiopeia Town together. It is within the player's best interest not to use the Aroma Region map as an indicator of direction while navigating the route, as the map appears to be completely different from what is observed in reality.


The player emerges in the southeastern corner of the route. They must then make their way to the west and then north in order to reach Cassiopeia Town. In the middle of the route the player will receive a phone call from Professor Maple who informs them that he has discovered that there is a way to digitize the power of the Relic Stone so that it can be accessed from the player's PC. In order to obtain this feature, the player must first go to Herculis Town and speak with Professor Sage.

After Obtaining WormholeEdit

Once the player has obtained TM128 Wormhole they will be able to access the runes found in the wall situated just before Pokémon Ranger Jarred. Upon venturing inside they will be able to encounter a Delta Pinsir at level 50.


Trainer Pokémon Level

Super Nerd Sako

430 Honchkrow 49
141 Kabutops 50
292 Shedinja 49
139 Omastar 50
Rewards: PokémonDollar2400
Trainer Pokémon Level

Rocker Philip

310 Manectric 49
171 Lanturn 50
587 Emolga 50
Rewards: PokémonDollar1200
Trainer Pokémon Level

Hiker Daeda

213 Shuckle 50
526 Gigalith 50
369 Relicanth 50
306 Aggron 50
346 Cradily 50
Rewards: PokémonDollar1600
Trainer Pokémon Level

Scientist Bottril

437 Bronzong 50
303a Mawile 50
691 Aegislash 51
Rewards: PokémonDollar2448
Trainer Pokémon Level

Pokémon Ranger Jarred

225 Delibird 50
696 Tyrantrum 51
Rewards: PokémonDollar3060
Trainer Pokémon Level

Cool Trainer Sarrah

235 Smeargle* 51
468 Togekiss 51
Rewards: PokémonDollar3060
Trainer Pokémon Level

Lass Sally

357 Tropius 51
076 Golem 52
009 Blastoise 51
Rewards: PokémonDollar832
Trainer Pokémon Level

Psychic Doge

097 Hypno 51
065 Alakazam 52
338 Solrock 52
308 Medicham 52
Rewards: PokémonDollar1664
Trainer Pokémon Level

Crush Girl Cathy

560 Scrafty 52
454 Toxicroak 52
107 Hitmonchan 52
Rewards: PokémonDollar1248
Trainer Pokémon Level

Beauty Regina

024 Arbok 52
018 shadow Pidgeot (Shadow) 50
073 Tentacruel 52
049 Venomoth 52
Rewards: PokémonDollar2912
Trainer Pokémon Level

Gentleman Ross

626 Bouffalant 52
055 Golduck 52
365 Walrein 53
Rewards: PokémonDollar3816
Trainer Pokémon Level

Gambler Michael

103 Exeggutor 52
450 Hippowdon 53
407 Roserade 53
210 Granbull 53
Rewards: PokémonDollar3816

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
049 Venomoth Z O 38-44  ??%
127 Pinsir Z O 38-44  ??%
205 Forretress Z O 41-47  ??%
214 Heracross Z O 38-44  ??%
588 Karrablast Z O 38-44  ??%
598 Ferrothorn Z O 38-44  ??%
616 Shelmet Z O 38-44  ??%
Special Pokémon
661 Delta Pinsir Z O 50 One

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