Safari Zone 3
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Yangtze Town

Map Safari Zone 3

Safari Zone 3 is a water-based Safari Zone located in Yangtze Town. It is the third out of seven Safari Zones in the game.


An attendant guards the entrance between Yangtze Town and the zone, charging PokémonDollar500 per visit. He also confiscates the player's Pokémon for the duration of their visit and equips the player with Safari Balls, Rocks, and Bait to assist the player in capturing Pokémon.

Once inside, the player is free to roam through the cave or fish and surf the lakes in order to catch Pokémon. The player is limited to 600 steps and 30 safari balls per visit. The visit ends when the player runs out of either.

The best method for capturing Pokémon in the zone is to only use the Safari Balls, as both the bait and rock increase the chance of a Pokémon fleeing while doing little to nothing to assist in capturing them.

Although the entire Safari Zone is water-based, the Water-type Pokémon that appear will differ depending on whether or not the trainer is Surfing, Diving, or walking around in the grass located on the small islands (0 encounters occur while fishing, surprisingly).

Tornadus Edit

After obtaining Dive, the Legendary Pokémon Tornadus is accessible by accessing a cave while underwater. It will appear at level 60 and the player must still capture it using Safari Balls.

TIP: Save before fighting Tornadus, as it is capable of fleeing and will not respawn if the player fails to catch it.

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
062 Poliwrath Z O 44-58  ??%
099 Kingler Z O 44-58  ??%
199 Slowking Z O 44-58  ??%
222 Corsola Z O 44-58  ??%
272 Ludicolo Z O 44-58  ??%
342 Crawdaunt Z O 44-58  ??%
395 Empoleon Z O 44-58  ??%
419 Floatzel Z O 44-58  ??%
423 Gastrodon Z O 44-58  ??%
516 Simipour Z O 44-58  ??%
581 Swanna Z O 44-58  ??%
121 Starmie Z O 44-58 5%
186 Politoed Z O 44-58 4%
195 Quagsire Z O 44-58 1%
320 Wailmer Z O 44-58 30%
581 Swanna Z O 44-58 60%
009 Blastoise Z O 44-58  ??%
091 Cloyster Z O 44-58  ??%
119 Seaking Z O 44-58  ??%
211 Qwilfish Z O 44-58  ??%
224 Octillery Z O 44-58  ??%
319 Sharpedo Z O 44-58  ??%
367 Huntail Z O 44-58  ??%
368 Gorebyss Z O 44-58  ??%
370 Luvdisc Z O 44-58  ??%
457 Lumineon Z O 44-58  ??%
565 Carracosta Z O 44-58  ??%
Special Pokémon
641 Tornadus Z O 60 One

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