Safari Zone 5
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Herculis Town

Map Safari Zone 5

Safari Zone 5 is the fifth of seven Safari Zones and is located in Herculis Town in the Aroma Region. This zone is unique in that no Pokémon battles are permitted and it also features several rare Pokémon and evolutions, some of whom cannot be found outside the zone. Safari Zone 5 hosts an urban environment and feels as if the player is walking through a town as they look for Pokémon. A lake is located in the center, which can be used for obtaining encounters while Surfing or fishing.


An attendant guards the entrance between Herculis Town and the zone, charging PokémonDollar500 per visit. He also confiscates the player's Pokémon for the duration of their visit and equips the player with Safari Balls, Rocks, and Bait to assist the player in capturing Pokémon.

Once inside, the player is free to run through the area or fish and Surf in the lake in order to catch Pokémon. The player is limited to 600 steps and 30 safari balls per visit. The visit ends when the player runs out of either.

The best method for capturing Pokémon in the zone is to only use the Safari Balls, as both the bait and rock increase the chance of a Pokémon fleeing while doing little to nothing to assist in capturing them.

Unlike other Safari Zones, Safari Zone 5 does not feature any rare items or Legendary Pokémon for the player to spend their time obtaining. As such, once the player has obtained the Pokémon they're interested in, they may leave immediately.

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
089 Muk Z O 43-46  ??%
110 Weezing Z O 43-46  ??%
169 Crobat Z O 43-46  ??%
317 Swalot Z O 43-46  ??%
435 Skuntank Z O 43-46  ??%
452 Drapion Z O 43-46  ??%
545 Scolipede Z O 43-46  ??%
569 Garbodor Z O 43-46  ??%
073 Tentacruel Z O 43-46  ??%
080 Slowbro Z O 43-46  ??%
131 Lapras Z O 43-46  ??%
199 Slowking Z O 43-46  ??%
Old Rod
091 Cloyster Z O 43-46  ??%
319 Sharpedo Z O 43-46  ??%
Good Rod
091 Cloyster Z O 43-46  ??%
171 Lanturn Z O 43-46  ??%
319 Sharpedo Z O 43-46  ??%
Super Rod
091 Cloyster Z O 43-46  ??%
171 Lanturn Z O 43-46  ??%
319 Sharpedo Z O 43-46  ??%
342 Crawdaunt Z O 43-46  ??%
369 Relicanth Z O 43-46  ??%

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