Special Shrine
Type  Rock
Category  Status
PP  15 (max. 24)
Power  —
Accuracy  —%
Priority  {{{priority}}}

Special Shrine is a non-damaging Rock-type move. It is available as TM110 in-game.


Special Shrine is an "entry buff" that increases the Special Attack and Special Defense of allies that switch in by 1 stage. It disappears after 2 uses until the move is used again. This move will fail if a preexisting Power Shrine or Special Shrine is already in place.


1)  A shrine is built on the user' [sic] field that boosts the special stats of Pokemon that swtich [sic] in.

2)  The user builds a shrine for their team, increasing the special stats of party members who switch in.


By TMEdit

  • Special Shrine is capable of being taught to all Pokémon except for the following:
# Pokémon Type Machine
010 Icon010 Caterpie Bug Bug TM110
011 Icon011 Metapod Bug Bug TM110
013 Icon013 Weedle Bug Poison TM110
014 Icon014 Kakuna Bug Poison TM110
129 Icon129 Magikarp Water Water TM110
132 Icon132 Ditto Normal Normal TM110
201 Icon201 Unown Psychic Psychic TM110
202 Icon202 Wobbuffet Psychic Psychic TM110
235 Icon235 Smeargle Normal Normal TM110
265 Icon265 Wurmple Bug Bug TM110
266 Icon266 Silcoon Bug Bug TM110
268 Icon268 Cascoon Bug Bug TM110
360 Icon360 Wynaut Psychic Psychic TM110
374 Icon374 Beldum Steel Psychic TM110
401 Icon401 Kricketot Bug Bug TM110
412 Icon412 Burmy Bug Bug TM110
415 Icon415 Combee Bug Flying TM110
602 Icon602 Tynamo Electric Electric TM110
650 Icon650 Divaevus ??? ??? TM110
653 Icon653 Xerneas Fairy Fairy TM110
654 Icon654 Yveltal Dark Flying TM110
656 Icon656 Ausitto Normal Normal TM110
657 Icon657 MISSINGNO Normal Flying TM110
664 Icon664 Goomy Dragon Dragon TM110
668 Icon668 Noivern Flying Dragon TM110
669 Icon669 Honedge Steel Ghost TM110
687 Icon687 Sliggoo Dragon Dragon TM110
688 Icon688 Goodra Dragon Dragon TM110
689 Icon689 Zygarde Dragon Ground TM110
690 Icon690 Doublade Steel Ghost TM110
691 Icon691 Aegislash Steel Ghost TM110
692 Icon692 Noibat Flying Dragon TM110
693 Icon693 Amaura Rock Ice TM110
694 Icon694 Aurorus Rock Ice TM110
695 Icon695 Tyrunt Rock Dragon TM110
696 Icon696 Tyrantrum Rock Dragon TM110
697 Icon697 Hawlucha Fighting Flying TM110
705 Icon705 Sylveon Fairy Fairy TM110
706 Icon706 Binacle Rock Water TM110
707 Icon707 Barbaracle Rock Water TM110
708 Icon708 Skrelp Poison Water TM110
715 Icon715 Dragalge Poison Dragon TM110
721 Icon721 Bunnelby Normal Normal TM110
722 Icon722 Diggersby Normal Ground TM110
723 Icon723 Carbink Rock Fairy TM110
724 Icon724 Pancham Fighting Fighting TM110
725 Icon725 Pangoro Fighting Dark TM110
726 Icon726 Diancie Rock Fairy TM110
727 Icon727 Volcanion Fire Water TM110
728 Icon728 Hoopa Psychic Ghost TM110
729 Icon729 Espurr Psychic Psychic TM110
730 Icon730 Meowstic Psychic Psychic TM110
731 Icon731 Inkay Dark Psychic TM110
732 Icon732 Malamar Dark Psychic TM110
733 Icon733 Helioptile Electric Normal TM110
734 Icon734 Heliolisk Electric Normal TM110
735 Icon735 Klefki Steel Fairy TM110
738 Icon738 Bergmite Ice Ice TM110
739 Icon739 Avalugg Ice Ice TM110
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

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