Thunder Underroute
Special features

Delta Pokémon


TM03 Psyshock, TM47 Low Sweep, Max Revive, 2x Max Ether

Connected areas

Route 315

Map Thunder Underroute

Thunder Underroute is a cave-like location that lies in the middle of Route 315 and must be traversed through in order to reach Blackfist City from Ladoga Town or Treader Town. It consists of a very confusing network of passageways that can easily confuse the player without a guide.


Being one of the more confusing networks of passageways in the game, the image on the right displays the method that should be used to correctly reach the exit of the cave when entering from the left side of Route 315. Another version of the map image exists for assisting colorblind individuals, if needed.

Though the other pathways are not necessary to navigate in order to progress on the player's quest, exploring them can lead to useful items such as TMs.

TIP: Do not attempt to Surf in any of the bodies of water in this route. You might get stuck there permanently due to a glitch, as it isn't supposed to be possible to Surf there. Just in case you accidentally jump into the water, bring a few Escape Ropes with you, a Pokémon that knows a move like Dig or Teleport, or keep an extra copy of your save files separate from your Saved Games folder.

- From a Trainer: If you've done this somehow, you can try to reset the map (hotkey P, by default), you'll see that you aren't a Lapras anymore. Use Surf one more time and hold down the down button. You'll get unstuck.

After Obtaining Rock ClimbEdit

Once the player has obtained Rock Climb they have an opportunity to capture Delta Zangoose by entering through doorway H in the map image above. Delta Zangoose is at level 25 when encountered.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Maxether Max Ether (x2) Enter passageway D
Enter passageway A
Maxrevive Max Revive Enter passageway F, follow the path and enter passageway G
Psychictm TM03 Psyshock Enter passageway B
Fightingtm TM47 Low Sweep Enter passageway C, follow the path to passageway E, then traverse along the outer perimeter of the cave

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
082 Magneton Z O 45-47  ??%
303a Mawile Z O 45-47  ??%
310 Manectric Z O 45-47  ??%
462 Magnezone Z O 45-46  ??%
600 Klang Z O 45-47  ??%
601 Klinklang Z O 49-50  ??%
603 Eelektrik Z O 45-47  ??%
Special Pokémon
662  Delta Zangoose Z O 25 One

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