Timelocked Temple
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RB: Sacred Sword, HMXX Tesseract

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Constance City

Map Timelocked Temple

The Timelocked Temple is the large building found to the southeast in Constance City. It is only accessible after defeating Wilson in the 4th Sigil Hall.


The Timelocked Temple is one of the more unique locations of Zeta/Omicron. While the player is completely unable to make their way to the room containing HMXX Tesseract under present circumstances, interacting with any of the statues found in the building will allow the player to travel into the past and unlock a path to the HM that no longer exists in the future.

On the first floor the main objective is to reach the stairs that head up to the right in the center of the room while ignoring the dead-ends and currently inaccessible Pokéball. The second floor then reveals two separate options, one being mandatory to progress with the game and the other being completely optional to the player. The bottom path leads to the Rare Box containing Sacred Sword while the other leads to a statue which will send the player into the past when they touch it.

While in the past the player needs to start from the statue and walk around to the right, ignore the first staircase, and then continue walking until another staircase is found a little ways past the area where the player finds RB: Sacred Sword that leads up to the third floor. Upon reaching the third floor the player will have returned to the past for some reason and is then forced to drop down from the edge of the room to the south, which returns them to the second floor. From here, head down the staircase and pick up the Pokéball containing HMXX Tesseract. After picking up HMXX, touch the statue, walk straight down (ignore the staircase to the left) and then around to the left to exit the Timelocked Temple and speak to Wilson about the HM the player has just obtained.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
RB: Sacred Sword Found on the second floor by traveling south after walking up the stairs from the first floor
HMXX Tesseract Found by touching the statue on the second floor, walking up the stairs to the third floor, and then dropping down from the third floor to reach the staircase on the second floor

Encounterable PokemonEdit

Floor 1Edit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
206 Dunsparce Z O 92-93  ??%
212 Scizor Z O 92-93  ??%
631 Heatmor Z O 92-93  ??%
632 Durant Z O 92-93  ??%
637 Volcarona Z O 92-93  ??%

Floor 2Edit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
085 Dodrio Z O 92-93  ??%
212 Scizor Z O 92-93  ??%
414 Mothim Z O 92-93  ??%
637 Volcarona Z O 92-93  ??%

Floor 3Edit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
212 Scizor Z O 92-93  ??%
335 Zangoose Z O 92-93  ??%
336 Seviper Z O 92-93  ??%
637 Volcarona Z O 92-93  ??%

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