Ghostly Owns

  • I live in somewhere, the middle of nowhere.
  • My occupation is Unknown
  • I am a [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Ghostly Owns

    Short Summary: Get Secret Base. Upgrade to level 2, and buy Devon's upgrade. Get a Gastly/Haunter/Gengar with Curse, Mean Eye and Hypnosis (I advise you to grind some so it's level 25+ and evolve, Gengar can be obtained by using the PokeTech designer's upgrade), a Gible/Gabite to train, 20+ of potions, super potions and revives (buy at store or mine revives). Also have some fodder pokemon to buy time, 2-3 should be enough, or get a pokemon with Sturdy (Pineco). Save before battling Devon / right after defeating Devon. Battle Devon multiple times, format is as follows. Follow more or less exactly.

    Lead with the Gible/Gabite (hold Lucky Egg) before switching to Gengar (hold Amulet Coin). Gengar uses mean eye then curse on Machamp. Don't heal …

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