Yggdrasil Cave
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Route 7X

Map Yggdrasil Cave

Yggdrasil Cave is a cave that the player can only access from Route 7X after clearing the entire Aroma Region storyline. It is filled with wild Dragon-type Pokémon.


Not much really needs to be said about the path here. Yggdrasil Cave has only one floor and is very short for a cave (by Zeta/Omicron standards, that is). The player only needs to make their way to the back of the room to encounter Zygarde, after which there remains nothing of interest for the player to investigate. Zygarde is at level 100 when encountered.

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
148 Dragonair Z O 50-90  ??%
329 Vibrava Z O 50-90  ??%
334 Altaria Z O 50-90  ??%
372 Shelgon Z O 50-90  ??%
611 Fraxure Z O 50-90  ??%
621 Druddigon Z O 50-90  ??%
634 Zweilous Z O 50-90  ??%
668 Noivern Z O 50-90  ??%
687 Sliggoo Z O 50-90  ??%
Special Pokémon
689 Zygarde Z O 100 One

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