Zeus, previously known as Gold (born Ethan) is the leader of Team Olympus in Pokémon Omicron version.

The first time the player meets him is in the museum in Onega Town when he steals the Time Caller and then catches Shaymin. The first time the player battles him, he is on Mt. Press where he tries to catch Victini.

Mt. PressEdit

Pokemon Level Moves
Ninjask 57 Protect Air Slash X-Scissor Baton Pass
Gengar 58 Shadow Ball Tail Glow Dazzling Gleam Sludge Bomb
Eelektross 57 Crunch Ice Beam Thunder Charge Beam
Shaymin (Sky) 59 Energy Ball Air Slash Agility Earth Power
Metagross 58 Meteor Mash Bullet Punch Zen Headbutt Psychic
Froslass 58 Shadow Ball Psychic Ice Beam Destiny Bond
Reward: $5900

Nyasa TownEdit

Immediately after defeating the Champion of the Elite Four the player goes to Nyasa Town where Zeus challenges him/her once again. This time it's tough since he has a new legendary. If the player loses the story progresses anyway.

Pokémon Level Moves
Metagross 74 Psychic Meteor Mash Zen Headbutt Bullet Punch
Shaymin (Sky) 75 Air Slash Energy Ball Agility Earth Power
Divaevus 77 Dragon Pulse Tesseract ExtremeSpeed Psychic
Reward: $7700

Varlox CaveEdit

Zeus is one of the people the player must defeat in Varlox Cave. He challenges him/her immediately after battling Red.

Pokémon Level Moveset Item
Ninjask 120 Baton Pass Protect Air Slash X-Scissor
Eelektross 120 Discharge Ice Beam Superpower Dragon Tail
Metagross 120 Earthquake Bullet Punch Zen Headbutt Meteor Mash
Shaymin 120 Seed Flare Power Whip Earth Power Air Slash
Divaevus 120 Adapt Extremespeed Tesseract Dragon Pulse
Gengar (Mega) 120 Shadow Ball Tail Glow Dazzling Gleam Sludge Bomb Gengarite
Reward: $12000

Quotes Edit

Onega Town Museum Edit

"Hey you! This is no place for kids! Get lost, now! ... ... ... No, you say? Fine! Athena! Deal with this impudent child."

"Hmm... ... ... no matter! We have what we came for! The Time Caller! You have proven you are a threat to our cause. Watch as we catch a legendary Pokémon and become unstoppable!"

Onega Town Edit

"Since you defeated my assistant, you've proven yourself worthy to watch Team Olympus' rise to power! Sableye, use the Time Caller!''

"It's Shaymin! Amazing! The Time Caller was succesful in calling Shaymin from another time! Now go, Master Ball! Excellent! Shaymin is ours! The legendary Pokémon of purity! Soon, the most powerful Pokémon in the world will belong to us, and we will be unstoppable! Now stay out of our way, or next time I may not react so mercifully!"

Mt. Press Edit

"So... You've come at last. I've been expecting you. [Player name], is it? You've caused a lot of trouble for me. You've stopped my plans, defeated my commanders and now you're trying to stop me... And you know what? I accept your challenge. When I defeat you, the power of my victory will cause Victini to awaken! Give me your energy, [Player name]! Let us awaken the sleeping god!"

"Impossible! I lost! My victory was supposed to generate the energy to awaken Victini and- What was...what was that? I don't like the looks of this... Could it be? It's Victini! Can... can this mean? Victini was awakened when you earned your victory over me... Since you proved yourself a victor... you are the only one that can catch Victini. Even I will not mess with the rules of the world. Go... go do what I was unable to do... Catch Victini!"

You... you...You actually caught it... Every time! Every damn time!"